Media-buying on demand
for every demand

Reach, engage, and compel your customers better with Addoox’s state-of-the-art RTB programmatic managed advertising platform. We’ve developed our automated media buying technology to provide 100% quality results across every channel while responding to user behavior in real time and optimizing ad targeting towards your performance goals.

Automated Media Buying

Real-time bidding is the cornerstone of programmatic advertising. Our robust, automated bidding technology processes over 500,000 queries per second and 13 billion decisions per day, achieving ad buying efficiency no human can match, while simultaneously incorporating huge amounts of data to improve ad relevancy.

From the billions of user behaviors processed, every swipe, tap, or click is analyzed and optimized to create the most intelligent and efficient bidding algorithm, working to find your perfect audience.

Scalable Reach

The Addoox platform is agile, robust and responsive, processing both your targeting parameters and multiple dimensions of campaign response data in real-time.  The platform uses these insights to access limitless inventory across SSPs and exchanges on video, mobile, display and connected TV.

Our Media Partners

Video has changed the digital advertising landscape, with a unique ability to compel consumers that is unlike other digital channels.  We deliver video ads to audiences across all major video exchanges: SpotX, Adap.TV, and Google.

See more about video targeting options and supported video campaign formats.

Mobile users can be found everywhere and anywhere, on multiple devices.  We give you the advantage of taking into full account the myriad targeting options and KPIs for mobile advertising, including app promotion.

See more about mobile targeting options and supported mobile campaign types.

Adoox’s direct, in-house network of sites combined with 3rd party integrations give you access to extensive inventory across millions of sites.

Reach Smart TV and OTT audiences through Addoox’s Connected TV network.

Customized Solutions

No two customers are alike.
As your partners in programmatic media buying, we help you achieve amazing results from your digital campaigns. Our team is at the helm of your activity, expertly managing your demand and delivering quality results while providing you with the transparency, fraud protection, and brand control you expect.