We are a company with industry leading assets optimizing advertising display ROI

Founded in 2007 by Alberto Esquenazi and Mariano Tesler, Addoox a.k.a Meta Network, have been changing together with the online advertising industry.

As a part of the strategy, Addoox decided to build in-house top of the Art technology that allows to be more brand safe, give full transparency and most important be able to add the “special sauce” to the advertising process.

Our assets

State of the Art Real Time Bidding technology Independency resulted by in-house platforms and developments “Over the barrier” capabilities: R&D, knowledge and capital A clear vision and analysis for market trends and evolving markets.


Our mission

Leverage technological assets to lead benchmark performance Brand Safety, Transparent and Clean environment.


Management team

Addoox’s management team brings years of experience and thought leadership that guide the company’s direction.